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I guess I'm a TikToker now 😅

Downloaded TikTok on a whim because it looked fun. Turns out IT IS FUN and also I have gained more traction there than on any other platform so far.

While I've always been a cosplayer, I like that I don't feel constrained to that in the slightest on TikTok and that there is a huge community that appreciates original designs, original characters, and off-the-cuff videos about sewing and costuming and life in general.

In the end it's made me re-think my strategy on other platforms like Instagram, where I have been very focused on polished finished products but feeling like growth has been slow. Maybe it's time to get a little funkier with it!

Anyways, join me on TikTok (@somanyjets) and let's see what we can do with it! My first big project there is my Halloween ballgown. I haven't started assembly yet but the fabric is washed, ironed, and ready to go!

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