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Book me as a cosplay guest

I'm nerdy and punctual and extremely enthusiastic about helping others create the cosplays of their dreams

If you would like to see me guest at a con near you, let the con organizers know! I am always open to new opportunities.


I have run a number of panels at cons all over the GTA. While I am able to create something new for your event, this is a list of panels I have run before and am available to run again.

  • Cosplanning 101

  • Cosplay Crafstmanship

  • Sewing With Commercial Patterns

  • Sewing With Stretch Fabric


If you're looking for something more hands=on than your average panel, I also am happy to design a workshop for you! Here are some workshops that I have run previously:

  • Cosplay Origami

  • Flower Crowns

  • Vinyl Doll Repainting


With a lifetime of sewing under my belt, and a decade of sewing professionally, I am happy to help judge your cosplay contest. I helped organize the Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest at FanExpo Canada and Toronto ComiCon for two years, and I have also run the Doll Masquerade at Anime North for several years. Mainly, I just really like talking to people about the cosplay they worked so hard on!

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