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This costume started with the idea "christmas elves, but make it fashion". Starleigh Cosplay again knocked it out of the park with a fantastic winter elf design, and I was able to make mine with materials I already had on hand plus some thrifted fabrics.

This is one of the first projects where I got to use my cricut for embellishments, and it was a lot of fun to experiment with a new tool!

The shot was cold but worth it. Holiday greetings from Rivendell!

Shot by Dream Cherub



Beetlejuice was my Halloween 2021 costume! Not cannon Beetlejuice exactly; this costume was inspired by the Monster High Beetlejuice doll. Cosplaying fashion dolls is so much fun because their outfits are always incredible.

The stripes on the jacket are drawn by hand and filled in with a sharpie marker, then outlined with a neon green highlighter. 

Shot by



On March 13th, 2020, a con I was travelling to was cancelled due to brand-new covid restrictions, and while I was driving back home I stopped at the fabric store and bought the materials for this cosplay. I mainly made it over that weekend, but in 2021 I revisited and finished elements that were incomplete.

Lucky for me, Starleigh Cosplay was nearby to shoot with me and their incredible Geralt adds so much to the shoot.

Shot by Earl Grey Cos



Clopin was created as part of a stash-busting challenge during lockdown in 2020. He's always been a character that I liked, and I was lucky to have a bunch of purple and gold scraps left over from years of making dance costumes.

This entire costume is made with stretch fabrics, which means it came together fairly quickly but certain elements were tricky, namely the applique of stretch-on-strech fabrics for the strips on the legs, the peplum of the tunic, and the cowl.

This was shot in 2022 with Surreal Studios Photography