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Ruby of the Sea

I've always been a big fan of high fantasy costumes and garments, and when I started listening to Critical Role I knew it was a great opportunity to cosplay while also designing my own version of a character.

Shortly after starting on Campaign 2, I found out I was pregnant. When we finally got to meet Jester's mom, Marion Lavorre, I knew what I had to do. 

This costume is features a lot of hand beading and embroidery, and is adjustable, so I am looking forward to wearing it in 2020 without the belly!



Hannah Alexander designs some of the most beautiful cosplays, and this Ponyo design is beautiful and bright and sparkly and really just a combination of all my favourite things.

The main dress is made from ombré chiffon, sparkly lace, and lots of beads and sparkly bits. I made the fishnet pearl trim myself, and the trim at the top is hand embroidered. 

The flowers on the crown are made from craft foam and lots of glitter. The collar is made from sintra provided by Gwartzmans Art Supplies in Toronto, Ontario



Like most gamers, I am obsessed with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Sheikah Armor was my absolute favourite set in the game. 

When I was offered a guest spot at Next Level Video Game Convention in 2018, I jumped a the chance to make make it.

Most of this costume is made with a matte spandex, and the armour bits are craft foam. I bought white tabi boots that I painted to match.




This Prince Zuko cosplay was made to compete in Costume Con 37's Single Pattern Contest. Every single piece you see here is adapted from a pattern piece in the McCall's 7676 pattern envelope, which is heavily inspired by the Marvel character Dr. Strange.

When I saw the lineart for the garments in this pattern, it looked to me like something that belonged in the Avatar: The Last Airbender Universe. And so, the idea for this version of Zuko was born. 

This costume won "best in category" at the Costume Con 37 Single Pattern Contest.

Most of this costume is made from natural fibres (cotton twill, linen), and the gauntlets are made with leather.