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Basically Baba Yaga but with way more glitter.

Marianne Jetté is a professional theatre and dance costumer based in Ontario, Canada. She has been working in theatre for over ten years and has been cosplaying as SoManyJets since 2014. A graduate of Ryerson University's Performance Production programme, she has designed and built costumes for various theatres and dance studios across the GTA and Hamilton. 


She started customizing dolls in 2015 and loves using all her art, design, and construction skills to create new characters. She has won several awards for doll customization at Costume Con 33, Costume Con 34, and Costume Con 35.


She has run many panels on cosplay construction and doll customization at conventions in Ontario and Québec, including Anime North, FanExpo Canada, and Nadeshicon. She has also judged the Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest at Toronto ComiCon and FanExpo Canada, as well as the Doll Costume Contest at Costume Con 38. She has been a cosplay guest at Pretty Heroes, Next Level Video Game Convention, and a featured panelist at Cosplay Matsuri.

Contact me to discuss your next bespoke garment, custom cosplay, or performance costume

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