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March Update

Well, the whole world's changed. And personally, a whole lot has changed too!

I'm staying with family while I house hunt for a more permanent place. I still have room to craft and make things but about half my supplies are in storage. So I'm keeping it to more simple (aka fabric-based) projects for now!

House hunting is... slower than expected because of the new social distancing orders. Personally I think social distancing is a great initiative and I'm happy to support it! It just means that this process will take longer than initially expected.

A lot of cons are totally cancelled or postponed, which is super unfortunate (although, again, totally necessary), especially because I actually have cosplays finished and ready to go! Photoshoots were booked, tickets were purchased, hotels reserved. I may have to learn to self-shoot in my tiny temporary space!

This week was my birthday and I spent it at home (obviously) and playing Animal Crossing, which is my new (old) obsession. Hope everyone is staying safe out there! If you can, please stay home. The more we comply now, the sooner things get back to normal for all of us.

Mad love to you all. Strange days we're living in.

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